Breathable Fabric

Stretchy Lightweight Material

Innovative Design

Effortless Mobility

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Definitely Not your typical gym shorts

WST CONTROL men shorts are made to provide solutions for both your training and weight loss needs. they consist of two parts: top part is the waist trainer, and lower part are the training shorts.

The waist trainer was designed with the "love handles" in mind, as these stubborn gut area fat are usually the last to go away during your fat loss journey. The waist trainer gives you an extra layer to help out trimming around the core are and making the abs pop!

Innovative design

The waist trainer part is 72% Nylon and 28% Spandex, Top supported by a wide waistband that prevents rolling, forming a fitted compressed embrace to the core area and providing support to the lower back, with a smooth breathable material that allows for extra sweating and trimming around the gut area, while also smoothing out the 'love handles' to ensure a slimmer look inside and outside the gym.

Breathable Fabric

Lower part is 100% polyester, breathable sweat wicking technology that moves away the sweat to the surface of the garment where it evaporates quickly to help keep you dry and comfortable.

Can be used working out, playing basketball, tennis,soccer/football, and even more fun in running!

Stretchy Lightweight Material

Combining ultra-soft, lightweight and stretchy material that molds and moves with your body while performing your daily activities.

It matches with any combination of workout tops, giving you a slimmer and fitter look. Perfect for gym, running,cycling, etc.

Effortless Mobility

With a comfortable internal mesh liner that is not too tight below the waist area supporting full range of motion, while providing sufficient ventilation.

An elastic waist band and drawstring to create a secure, adjustable fit.

Side pockets offers easy access for storing essentials.

Side thigh opening giving you more room to move through especially during squats, stretches and running.